Saturday, August 16, 2014

PLUS LTE bez limitu (unlimited data plan)

I just rented a new apartment here in Warsaw, but at this new location there was not cable connection, so I couldn't transfer my UPC contract to the new home.

Looking around, I subscribed a new contract with PLUS Mobile operator that was offering an unlimited data plan over LTE connection (PLUS LTE bez limitu).

When I checked the coverage signal map at PLUS website, my home was not covered by LTE signal, but I was wondering if using an high-gain external antenna could help me to get a stable and fast internet connection over mobile LTE and I decided to try.

So, I bought a 17db dual LTE panel antenna and I subscribed the new contract with PLUS. They gave me an LTE router (the Huawei B593s-22) that has two external SMA connectors to connect the external antenna.

In the box of the router I have found two little external antennas, that was even enough to get a good connection, but as you can see reading the results below, using an high-gain external antenna has boosted my connection speed about 50% in downstream and more than 200% in upstream!

To correctly point your external antenna you can use your smartphone and the Open Signal app for Android or iOS. You can check the operator's antennas even on Open Signal website.

Here the results:

Without high gain antenna

Using high gain antenna

Results compared