Monday, June 16, 2014

Sony SW2 custom clock widgets development

With the latest update Sony has brought a lot of new feature in its SmartWatch 2.

They upgraded the entire framework and SDK (version 3) to support widgets so now you can develop not only applications, but even widgets (clocks and other widgets) that can be used to build your personalized smartwatch homescreen.

I've downloaded the latest SDK from Sony website and started to learn how to make a custom clock widget.

It's not complex. It share the same project structure and the same logic as a standard Android application.

There are a lot of examples included in the SDK to help you understand how it works.

Looking at the images, you can see my first attempt to build a custom clock widget.
All you need is a configured Android development environment and the Sony SDK.

Of course, you must install Sony SmartConnect app on your device and if you are a SmartWatch 2 owner you need to pair the smartwatch with the phone.

You can develop analog or digital clocks, and you can provide a list of images to use with a list layout or simply let the watch to rotate automatically the clock hands for you.
As you can see from the images, the clock hand for seconds is only visible when the homescreen is "on". On low power mode, only hours and minutes will be updated and the clock hand for seconds will be hidden.

Now I'm starting a little project and I want to develop my own set of clock widgets.
You can find all information about software development for Sony wearable devices here.

You will also need a good graphics editor... ;)

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