Thursday, April 10, 2014

The jungle of recruitment processes

Since I am here in Warsaw (but this happened even more when I was in Italy), I had a lot of job interviews (by phone or face to face) and every time it's turned out that there was always an hard limit about contract type or about the salary.

I understand that a company give to HR some guidelines especially about contract and salary, but how a non-technical (or "soft" technical) person can evaluate a strong technical skill and be sure that the limit cannot be exceeded in a particular situation? And what about the passion, the problem solving capabilities, the logical skills... these are things that should be evaluated before saying "sorry, we cannot pay you how much you want" or "sorry, we cannot give you that kind of contract".

Especially in the IT world, there are so many people that do the work just because they need a job. They have no passion, no love. They don't take care about the software and how it should be done. They don't spend all night by writing down lines of code just to try a new technology or a new framework, by reading technical articles or by reading news about new digital devices.

Like I wrote in another post, keys for a good software programmer are passion, problem solving capabilities / logical thinking and abstraction.
The knowledge about programming languages, technologies and frameworks is only a result of the above three keys.

So, that said, my question is: why filter out people without let them have an interview with a technical person that could better evaluate this side of a developer? Matter of time? I don't know, but I think that by this way the company may lose very good candidates and future employees and in my own opinion, the talk about the contract type or about the salary should be always the last step when all the parts have enough information to evaluate.

This is not a criticism to the HR or to the companies... this is a criticism to the model applied, in most cases.

Feel free to comment about this post and let me know what are your opinions!

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