Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sony SmartWatch 2: last update brings new life

Two days ago I've received the last update for my Sony SmartWatch 2 (version 1.0.B.4.152 / 1.0.A.4.11 ) and this time Sony has done a great work bringing to the smartwatch a lot of new improvements that gave a new life to the wrist device.

Custom Watchfaces
First of all Sony (finally) introduced the possibility to design your own watchface using the extension included in the Sony Smart Connect android app.

You can choose between a set of clocks and a number of widgets to place in the watchface. I think that the number of the widgets and clocks will be increased in the next releases but even now is a good set of combinations that give you the freedom to build your own watchface.

New Notifications Dropdown
The second good thing is that the notifications list (the dropdown bar at the top of the screen) is now scrollable and can be cleared directly from the menu button.

This is a very good thing because now you can access to all your new notifications without open the specific application to manage the notifications.

Another good new feature is the possibility to change the smartwatch background choosing it between a set of colored predefined backgrounds (you cannot use your own image).

Application Management
In the "Apps" section of the Settings you can now disable an application or control the notification behavior directly by the smartwatch.

So, if you want to disable the vibration or hide an application, you can now do it without the need of the smartphone.

Battery Indicator Widget
The last (I saw) but not least is the battery widget that you can put on the watchface. It contains a built-in percentage that show the remaining battery charge of the smartwatch.

In addition, Sony updated all the SW2 apps bringing more stability and added a Calculator app.

So, I'm a very happy owner of this smartwatch and Sony has taken care of its customers constantly updating its product.

Well done Sony!

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