Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sony SmartWatch 2 first impressions: a good gift!

Two days ago was my birthday so I've received a great gift from my sweetie, a Sony SmartWatch 2.
I'm very very happy because that was just what I was looking for in terms of wearable gadgets.
I've read a lot of posts in blogs and forums saying that this kind of gadgets are useless. I don't agree.

In two days of usage I never missed an event sent to my phone (and of course to my smartwatch).Just to make some example, during the day I receive a lot of mail and messages so when I'm driving is not so good to take the smartphone and tap on the screen (often locked and turned off) just to see a preview and who wrote to me.
Again, I've skype always online and often I've missed important messages just because I had the smartphone in my pocket.
Another example is Twitter... it's very simple to be up-to-date when you have a smartwatch that notifies you for new (interesting) tweets.
Often you leave your phone in charge... well with a SmartWatch you have all notifications under your eyes even when you are not so close to your phone.

Another thing that I found useful is that you can put your phone in silent mode and enable just the vibration on your smartwatch. In this way, if someone call you in the middle of the night or very early in the moring no one will be annoyed by the phone ring.

These are just few examples about usefulness of a SmartWatch.

I installed a lot of applications and all is running fine. Sometimes some application hangs because I'm out of bluetooth range, but it's normal for this kind of smartwatches.

This is my list of "must-have" apps if you buy a Sony Smartwatch 2:

These are only 10 apps... there are a lot of smart extensions in the Google Play Store! Just search for "smart extension".

The performance of the Sony SmartWatch 2 are good and the battery lasts enough and this is very important... at the end, it's always a watch!

The transflective screen let you see the time even under direct sunlight.

So, I'm happy to be a SW2 owner :-)

Do you want to do a special gift for a hi-tech person owner of an ( Android ) smartphone? Give him/her a smartwatch!