Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Five things that really matter when you are looking for a (new)(IT) #job

There is time when you feel so good in your position and in your workplace that you completely forget to take time and look around you. But... hey! there is always a better opportunity out there and is just waiting to be grabbed!

So, how can you evaluate if a job opportunity is really good or not? Which are the parameters that you must analyze before shake the hands and sign your new contract?

Over 13 years in my work-life, I've learned that not all opportunities have to be called so. Sometimes you look at the salary, you look at career, but this is not enough, especially in the IT world.

In this post I want to share with you my five parameters (in order of importance) that I consider the most important things when I'm looking for a new job.

1) Work environment
The most important thing it the work environment. You will spend most of your life time in the office, with your colleagues. This should be your second home. You have to feel like at home, with friends that shares with you common things. Ok ok... you cannot be friend of all, but listen to me, if you have a problem, resolve it immediately before it become too big and too complex to be resolved rapidly.
I like work environments where there is no "ice" between people, a workplace flexible and dynamic where the day is productive and funny at the same time.

2) Role
What I will do for the company if I get hired? This question is very important because you have to know which kind of work you will do and what results the company is expecting to achieve with your hire. Often, when you look at a job offer, the section in which is described what the candidate will do once hired is skipped maintaining focus on required skills and expertise only. DON'T SKIP IT! READ CAREFULLY WHAT WILL BE YOUR WORK ONCE HIRED!!
During interview, always ask about the position, what will be your responsibility and what not. Don't be scared, an interview is just a conversation.

3) Technologies & devices
I love my work, really! Technology is my work, my passion and my hobby. I evaluate the technologies used in the company. Which kind of projects, products and services the company is providing to customers. But not only technologies... I love smartphones, laptops and all that is digital... so it's important for me to know which kind of hardware equipment the company will give to me to let me do a better and faster work. I want to know if will have access to some service or subscription (i.e. MSDN subscriptions or online book reading service for documentation). In other words, I want to know if the company has the same passion for technology as me.

4) Wage and other benefits
Of course, if you do a job, you have to get paid for this. It's only my fourth parameter because you can't work well if the previous parameters are not good enough. You can get a very well paid job, but money are nothing compared to your life and your serenity. BTW the salary must satisfy your expectation and if you think that is not enough for the requested role and responsibility then you have to say "no" to the new employer. Take care to consider even other benefits such as health insurance, access to the gym and a lot of other benefits that employer can offer to you.

5) General company profile
My last parameter is the overall profile of the company. All data can be often retrieved visiting the company website or company profile on social network such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

When you read it (and you MUST read it), you have to be immediately attracted. This is just like "love at first sight".

So many things can be found in company profile. For example company clients, company size in terms of employees, news about projects and products, awards, certifications, etc.

This is important for three main reasons:
If you are not attracted by the company profile, you will not be so excited to work in and your interview will show some doubt about real intention to get hired
Let you know if your experience can really be an added value for the company and if your skills will be well utilized and well valorized.
You can analyze some aspect of the company that let you imagine and evaluate the company quality, stability and solidity (remember that you need the company at the same way the company needs you)

These are my five "most important" parameters that I evaluate when I look at a job offer.
Of course this is only my opinion… there are other aspects that are not covered in this post but, for me, are less important that the above five.

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