Friday, June 7, 2013

The night is made to code

I don't know why, but the night is made to code.

When you are in front of your keyboard, in the middle of the night, a low powered music in background with Massive Attack... all people are sleeping now, but you are at work!

Is something like working in relax, without pressure or confusion... no mails will arrive for the next eight hours.

Your productivity is boosted up to 200%, your concentration is completely dedicated to the objective. This is the best way to work!

You have time even to write a post in your blog just to make a pause ;-)

I think that all companies should change their way to organize and control employees.

Build your company with all professionals and let them to organize their work in autonomy, even with nightly work.

Anyway, thanks to the moon to rise up at the end of each day!