Monday, May 27, 2013

W3School HTML5 certification

Today I've obtained a new certification.
I've passed the certification test for HTML5 of W3School with 97% of correct answers.

The test was not difficult to pass and the questions were very clear. You will have 70 minutes to answer to 70 questions.

The price is $ 95,- ( about 74 € ) and I was able to pay even with PayPal.

I have taken this certification because I think HTML5 will be the most used UI programming language for the next five years (and maybe longer).

HTML5 introduces a lot of changes and evolutions allowing developers to develop rich client side applications without the needs of external plugins.

Many digital devices manifacturers are interested in HTML5/Javascript native development and big companies like Samsung and Intel are interested, for example, to  Tizen that allows you to develop device applications with HTML5. There are rumors telling that a Samsung GT-i8800 smartphone with Tizen OS onboard is under development and should be released ( maybe ) before the end of the year.

The future is now.

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