Sunday, April 28, 2013

How much is it hard to think abstract?

Since 2000 I worked as a developer for several companies, and let me tell you that I've seen almost everything that was to see, starting from complete absence of logical skills to end up with developers that were called in that way just because were able to turn on and turn off a computer.

In these years the information technology world is grown very fast and the software abstraction became the key of the software development industry, but not for Italy.

Many "developers" here are not able to abstract any concept and all time they focus on the current aspect of the problem. Each day I fight against this kind of way to work, each day I need to explain what kind of mental approach should be used when you are doing software analisys and while you are modeling the real world.

Since I started to work in ICT sector, I've found few people that was able to analize and project with a good level of abstraction and a strong problem solving ability. The 90% of people I worked with, were not able to understand rapidly when the complexity of the software was reaching the necessity of an heavy abstraction.

Thanks to God I've found a coworker that it's very smart and is able to abstract very well and between us there is a "telepathy" that should be the normality in the ICT work environment.

I don't know how the ICT will grow in Italy, but I know that if we continue to call "developer" people that are not able to think abstract we'll not go so far away.

So, think abstract, think agile!

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