Saturday, August 18, 2012

Windows 8: nvidia and game crash ( nvwgf2um.dll )

NVidia has released the Windows 8 drivers for all supported video cards, so when I've installed my Windows 8 EE 64-bit I've downloaded the "stable" driver available for this operating system (driver version was 302.82).

Playing Battlefield 3 using these drivers result in random crash of the game.
So I've taken a look at event log and found that a dll caused the problem. The dll was "C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\nvwgf2um.dll".
Searching on the web I've found a lot of people that has the same problem.

So, we have installed (my friend MiKe and me),  the beta version of the NVidia drivers (304.79) that solved the problem.

If you are experiencing the same error, try installing the NVidia beta version of the drivers for Window 8.

Hope this helps!

Windows 8: first impressions

Yesterday I've completed my new Windows 8 Enterprise Edition installation. The system is very fast and stable.
The boot process takes about 30 seconds to bring up the Windows 8 "start" screen and the shutdown process is even faster. When I was using Windows 7 the shutdown process was about 3/4 minutes to completely detach / unmount / shutdown all my connected devices.

All is running good, and Windows 8 has recognized almost all devices without the need to install any driver (just my old multifunction printer Canon Pixma MP150 was not correctly recognized... but driver for Windows 7 worked like a charm).

Well done Microsoft! Now I'm waiting for Microsoft Surface!