Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flipboard: your news & social magazine

I always read an italian technology website named "YourLifeUpdated" ( http://www.yourlifeupdated.it ) to stay tuned with the latest hi-tech news, specially for  iOS and Android. Reading I've found a "best of" programs for Android in june 2012 and inside the article (http://yourlifeupdated.it/2012/06/migliori-programmi-android-della-settimana.html) at the first place was placed a very very interesting software named "Flipboard". So I gave a try to it and I think that is the best "social & news" reader I ever tried. It's free, it's simple, it's amazing, it supports Facebook and Twitter, it's for Android, iPhone and iPad !

You can found Flipbloard on Android Google Play and iPhone/iPad AppStore or just take a tour on Flipboard official site http://flipboard.com/

Try it and let me know what do you think about!

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=flipboard.app

Sunday, June 17, 2012

newsmap.jp: a new way to be up to date

I've always read news using Google News service. It's pretty simple and well organized... but today I've just found a new amazing way to be informed! newsmap.jp is a worldwide news aggregator that will change your way to keep you up to date. News are displayed in a map (just like the Metro UI of Windows Phone) and most recent/important news has a bigger area than older/less important news. So you can customize countries and news categories you want to display. It's powered by Google and is online from 2004... I think the web application uses Google News feeds to build the map. It's should be still in "beta version" but it's running very well...

A very very nice idea!

Now I will register myself and give a deeper look to the service. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Migrating all mail account to GMail

Yesterday, I decided to migrate all my mail accounts to GMail using the GMail Pop3 fetcher feature.
I decided so, because I think that too many points to check was a very losing time strategy.
I've also more than three mobile devices (iPhone, Android tablet, two Android smartphones and so on), and each device was configured to check all mail accounts wasting energy and data plan.

Initially I was looking for a way to migrate all my sent mail (thousands of mails) to my GMail account.
Unfortunately there is no way to do it with a pop3 access (at least I haven't found a way).
But if you have an IMAP access to your mail account, I suggest you to manually move all your sent mail to "Sent" folder (label) of the GMail account using a standard mail client (like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or others).
Once moved all sent mail, you can move all your received messages on GMail Inbox folder. Of course, you do not need to manually move your received messages if your mail account was configured to leave messages on server.

When all this is done, you can access your GMail account using a web browser and go under Settings -> Import and accounts and configure the section "Check mail from other accounts" with the required parameters to access to your external mail account.

If you want to send messages from external mail account, you can configure the "Send message as" section.

Now I've all my mail accounts (over 20 thousands of mail) centralized on GMail and all is going good.

I'm saving time and money!

Thank you Google!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Appcelerator Titanium: couldn't find module only on real iPhone device

Appcelerator Titanium is a great environment for cross-platform mobile application development.
However sometimes it fail with strange behavior. I've found a bug on commonjs implementation (or may be a restriction of iOS...) that prevents you to load a JS module using require function of CommonJS.
In fact, if you put a directory named "iphone" within the path to the module, it will run fine on simulator but will fail to load on real device (I'm using an iPhone 4s with iOS 5.1) displaying a message like "Couldn't find module: /path/iphone/to/module".

Let me show you how to reproduce the error:

- Create a new Titanium Mobile project

- Now create a directory structure inside Resources like the following:

  • test/iphone
  • test/other

- Create a JS file named "ThisModuleWillLoad.js" into "test/other" directory with the following content:

 exports.test = function() { alert('From ThisModuleWillLoad!');}  

- Create a JS file named "ThisModuleWillFail.js" into "test/iphone" directory with the following content (just to set something in the module):

 exports.test = function() { alert('From ThisModuleWillFail! This message should not be displayed on real device!');}  

- In your app.js put following code:

      var moduleWillLoad = require('test/iphone/ThisModuleWillLoad');  
      var moduleWillFail = require('test/iphone/ThisModuleWillFail');  

Run the app in iOS simulator and you will get two alerts as result of both "test()" method execution:
1. "From ThisModuleWillLoad!"
2. "From ThisModuleWillFail! This message should not be displayed on real device!"

Now install the app on your iPhone device and run it. This time, only one alert will be displayed because second module (ThisModuleWillFail.js) will not be loaded and a red error screen will be generated by Appcelerator Titanium runtime with the message "Couldn't find module: /test/iphone/ThisModuleWillFail".

I don't know the reason of this strange behavior, but if you need to separate the code based on platform (android, iphone, ipad, blackberry, etc.) don't put the string "iphone" in module path!

Probably the same behavior will be on iPad device, but by now I don't have an iPad so I can't test it. If you have an iPad and you want to do a test, please leave a comment!

On Android devices this problem is not present.

Hope this will help you to avoid losing time... ;-)

Voip: 3cx phone, uno dei migliori

Se state cercando un softphone (un programma che funge da telefono virtuale) gratuito e stabile, lo avete appena trovato. 3CX Phone è uno dei migliori client che ho provato (e ne ho provati diversi). Lo uso su Windows e su iPhone e va che è una meraviglia... la versione Android invece mi aveva dato qualche problemino in passato e così sto usando CSipSimple (anch'esso gratuito). Come provider sto usando MessageNet ma ho provato anche Eutelia (ora Clouditalia) e funziona benissimo.

Che dire... se vi serve un client Voip SIP, provatelo!

Per chi avesse bisogno anche di un centralino software per il voip, 3CX offre un bel pezzo di software anche lato server!

Vecchio nome, nuovo blog

Dato il fatto che tutte le immagini del "vecchio" blog erano scomparse nel nulla (a quanto pare qualcosa con il Picasa Web Album è andato storto... ), ho deciso di ripartire cambiando completamente faccia al blog e dando allo stesso uno scopo puramente di informazione tecnologica.

Raccoglierò qui (come in parte facevo anche nel vecchio blog) tutte le informazioni, novità, curiosità, bug e soluzioni che riguardano il mondo dell'informatica e della tecnologia in genere.

Se vi serve un consulente informatico, visitate REDFAST Informatica e contattatemi ;-)